Home and Away from Home

Release date: 21-May-2012

The Prairie is in recovery mode following the departure of the Summer Bay crew from “Home and Away” who have just wrapped filming here. All will be revealed when the results screen in late September, with Nilpena Station and the dramatic backdrop of the Flinders Ranges starring - vastly removed from the usual scenes of Summer Bay. What an incredible opportunity to promote the package we offer, to “Home and Away” audiences around the world!

A confidentiality agreement was signed to ensure that the crew’s presence was “top secret” …. & we continue to guard the story line with sealed lips. We can say Ross Fargher and pilot Eddie Fargher scored roles in the series …. Ross even scored a speaking role, but neither will be signing autographs anytime soon...

Nilpena’s amazing, varied desert landscape locations will promote our extraordinary region & endorse Parachilna as THE place where the Australian desert meets the Flinders Ranges.

Parachilna’s Prairie Hotel is internationally renowned for its proven ability to accommodate the Film Industry’s challenges of filming in remote locations, and we are proud of our Prairie Team who catered for our visitors, providing hallmark Prairie hospitality from the early hours through to late in the night. Make-up calls @ 4.30am …. Breakfasts in the Nilpena Woolshed @ 6am …. Signature Prairie lunches on location. .....Fantastic dinners in the Prairie Restaurant......travelling to and from shooting locations . Home and Away producers were extremely pleased with the result, voicing their delight at being in safe hands with a member of the Fargher family or Prairie team there to assist at all times.

"The Prairie was a totally unexpected 'home away from home' & provided an accomplished film savvy crew able to meet our demands".

The Prairie’s thanks all the Home and Away crew, & their Adelaide production crew. It doesn’t seem like work when you have such a great bunch working together -photos from our “Wrap Party” attest to that! John O’Dea our Human Jukebox entertained into the wee hours of Saturday morning, with special guest performances by Prairie & Nilpena team members plus we had an insight into the music talents of a new cast member to Home & Away.

Post Wrap Saturday morning saw many sad farewells with Summer Bay crew members declaring they will return with family & friends …. & invitations extended to the Prairie Team to visit Summer Bay.

Well, “Home and Away” crew exit stage left, enter stage right today, special guests ……Kasey Chambers, Shane Nicolson, Bill Chambers & the whole Chambers family keen to perform in Parachilna in 2013......

Watch the "Today Tonight Adelaide" video story on the shoot, click the link below and search for "home and away"


Today Tonight Adelaide Facebook photos here.


John O'Dea, Prairie Hotel  stalwart, kept us well entertained into the night Nilpena Boys slacking off on the set - photo courtesy Stephen Peacocke Sunday Mail Article 20120520   
The Percussion Section As always John O'Dea brings out the love of music in everyone! Elton John? The Percussion Section Bruce hamming it up John O'Dea, Prairie Hotel  stalwart, kept us well entertained into the night John O'Dea with hecklers Ross and Eddie hamming it up. John O'Dea with his newest hairstyle The Happy Crowd

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