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A Brush with Art

‘Natural Beauty’

Geoff Weaver

September 3, 2016 – October 8, 2016 

Geoff has been painting South Australian landscapes since the 1970’s. Geoff works to capture the beauty surrounding us, from the sparkling bays of Kangaroo Island to stone-strewn Flinders Ranges creek beds. Art has great power to prompt new appreciation of what may have been thought ordinary or dull, and Geoff seeks to harness this each time he sits at the easel.

He is a painter with a romantic vision who aims to convey the essential ambiance of a place to all who see his work: light, patterns, subtle elements and beautiful colours come to the fore. His positive outlook shines through; he paints what he loves and loves what he paints.

Opening Saturday 3rd September 2016

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