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Alison Mitchell

2018 Exhibition

Regularly featured Riverton based artist, Alison Mitchell brings her current exhibition with a collective of recent still life paintings. Her work encompasses a broad range of materials - watercolour, oils and sculpture, but is consistent in working directly from life.

“It is usually some visual nuance that entices me to paint, a particular combination of colour, of light, or an unusual tonal contrast. It is the roundness and sheen of fruit, the compositional possibilities of a landscape or a particular twist or angle in a model’s body. It is seeing the world anew, with fresh eyes".    fbalisonmitchellartist



A Brush with Art 2015: Jen Prior A Brush with Art 2015: Jen Prior (120 KB)

Other Artists at the Prairie

Aboriginal Art

A range of renowned artists of the Eastern and Western Desert communities of the Northern Territory are represented.

Bruce Buchanan

Magnificent watercolours capturing the essence of the Flinders Ranges.

Peter Coad

Exuberant oil paintings depicting Flinders Ranges landscape and wildlife

Robyn Holtham

Gold and silversmith, presents her Ediacaran Range of jewellery inspired by ediacaran fossils from the Parachilna area.

Peter McDonald

Vibrant landscape photography demonstrating the diversity of the Flinders Ranges environment and the activities of its people. Peter lives locally.

Suzette Watkins

Jewellery inspired by Australian landscapes.

Better World Arts

A range of ethically produced objects using Aboriginal designs from the APY Lands in northern South Australia. Products include lacuqer ware, hand stitched rugs, cushion covers, fine bone china, leather and paper goods. 

Julia Boros Design

"Layers of Time" - A collection of digitally printed silk scarves inspired by fossils of the Flinders Ranges. 

Utopia Art Giftware

A unique range of quality Australian gifts and souvenirs that use Contemporary Aboriginal Designs from artwork that has been painted by some of the world renowned aboriginal artists in the Utopia Region of Australia. Utopia is located 250kms north-east of Alice Springs in Central Australia.


Le Restaurant et le Salon des clients exposent en ce moment:

Art Aborigène

Un éventail d’artistes renommés des communautés de l’Eastern Desert et du Western Desert du Territoire du Nord est représenté.

Bruce Buchanan

Des couleurs aquatiques magnifiques qui capturent l’essence des Flinders Ranges.

Peter Coad

Des peintures à l’huile exubérantes représentant les paysages et la vie sauvage des Flinders Ranges.

Robyn Holtham

Gold and Silversmith présente sa gamme de bijoux édiacariens (des collines Ediacara) inspirée par les fossiles édiacariens de la région de Parachilna.

Geraldine Krieg

Écharpes en soie colorées, teintes à la main, inspirées par l’édiacarien.

Peter McDonald

Photos de paysages éclatantes montrant la diversité de l’environnement des Flinders Ranges et l’activité de son peuple. Peter est un local.

Suzette Watkins

Bijoux inspirés par les paysages australiens.

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