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the prairie hotel


The Prairie Hotel started in 1876 as a railway siding for the
Blinman copper mines. Three decades later, in 1905 the current stone hotel and outbuildings were constructed, and for most of the 20th century it became a legendary destination for everyone from local jackeroos to cross country truckies to enjoy its cold schooners of ale and its rustic hospitality.

Fourth generation Flinders Ranges pastoralist and cattleman Ross Fargher and wife Jane, bought their ‘local’ in 1991. They have created an unexpected oasis of luxury
accommodation, fine food, craft beer, wine and relaxation
amongst the red plains and blue skies on the edge of South
Australia’s ancient Flinders Ranges and outback.

The couple continue to run both the Prairie Hotel and their Nilpena cattle station, which plays in integral part in the 550 million year old Ediacaran Fossil story which has seen the recent creation of the Nilpena-Ediacara National Park, with sons Lachy and Eddie an integral part of the ongoing adventure.

The Prairie Hotel is defined by its disarmingly friendly staff, its warm family ethos and an insistence on quality beyond expectation.

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